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Stapling converter kit contents

Automatic Bag Stapler/Sealer Converter - For Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

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Seal bags easy and fast! Works with pneumatic hog-ring stapler and offers hands-free packaging for bagged chicken or other goods. Increase your production without increasing workload.


Easily convert a pneumatic hog ring stapler into a hands-free automatic stapler for sealing bags, wraps or other products. Staple and seal bag goods (food, poultry, ice, etc.)

  • Easily mounts to table or other surface.
  • Seal several hundred bags an hour with ease!
  • Pneumatic power means no tired or sore hands!
  • Compatible with multiple Pneumatic Hog Ring Tools.
  • Designed and built by Farm Lean in the USA
  • Fast and Free Shipping!

Simple guide to purchase a stapler and staples

Setup Stapler and Converter

To install remove front two nuts from Pneumatic Stapler (not included). Slide stapler into converter and reattach nuts with included washers, if necessary. Adjust trigger screw then mount to surface and connect to an air-supply. Simple and cheap setup for quickly sealing bags!

PDF instructions for assembly, mounting, and operation