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Which stapler to choose for sealing bags

Choosing a Stapler

To determine which stapler to buy, fill the bag with your product(s) and twist it closed as you would before stapling it. Measure the diameter of the twist and use the table below to choose an appropriate stapler.

Twisted Bag Diameter Recommended Stapler Features
3/16in (5mm) - 3/8in (9mm)

SC760 stapler
  • Staple opening width 1/2in
  • Staple closed inner diameter 1/8in

 3/8in (9mm) - 5/8in (16mm)

SC7C stapler
  • Staple opening width 3/4in
  • Staple closed diameter 1/4in


Buying a Stapler

The SC760 and SC7C staplers are widely available from many suppliers; as well as through Amazon and eBay.

Stapler Model Available on Amazon Available on eBay
SC760 (1/2" rings)

SC760 Pneumatic Hog Ring Tool (1/2" rings)

search for Meite SC760
SC7C (3/4" rings) SC7C Pneumatic Hog Ring Tool (3/4" rings) search for Meite SC7C


Buying Staples (10,000/box)

Order blunt staples to prevent bag punctures.

 Stapler Model SALCO - Staples Headquarters
SC760 (1/2" rings)

1/2" hog ring staples (16 ga. blunt. 10,000/box)

SC7C (3/4" rings) 3/4" hog ring staples (16 ga. blunt. 10,000/box)